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United Kingdom and Singapore




Briefly describe your company.

Roffey Park Institute is an executive training and research organisation, established 65 years, a charitable education institute with a commitment to research and promoting the health and well-being of individuals at work.

Why do you have audio files transcribed?

Our research often involves interviews with one or more people, focus groups for example. Recording and transcribing these interviews and discussions allows the interviewer or facilitator to concentrate fully on the interview and not rely solely on notes made during the process.

How do you use these transcripts?

The transcripts are used in qualitative data analysis. They are usually analysed on the screen using Atlas.ti, a data analysis tool.

How do transcripts add value to your business?

Good transcripts provide an accurate record of the interview, which is absolutely essential for the integrity of our work.

Why do you use Way With Words Transcription for your transcription needs?

Way With Words Transcription provides reliable turnarounds of recordings, accuracy, and rates that compare well with other transcription services.

How satisfied have you been with Way With Words’ transcripts over the years?

Very satisfied, thank you.