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Way With Words Transcription is looking to professionalize transcription, to educate the community about the service and what transcription requires, how to transcribe well, and how to earn money. Essentially, we are striving to set the gold standard in transcription globally.

Way With Words Transcription recently conducted one of their newest workshops, a workshop turning out to be quite popular:

How To Start A Home-Based Transcription Service.

Perhaps because of the increasingly difficult job market. Perhaps because working from home is more and more frequently the creative choice to success for a parent.  Perhaps because of the lack of awareness of transcription as a career.  Perhaps because of misconceptions surrounding transcription as a professional industry. Perhaps because of the misunderstandings of transcription as merely ‘one of those little secretarial services’…

Well, perhaps it is up to Way With Words Transcription to set the transcription record straight, and in so doing, take transcription to the community. And why is the community so receptive?

Clearly, the world is in the grip of a recession. Businesses are closing down.  There are job losses on a frightening scale.  Millions are unemployed and underemployed.

For a variety of reasons, large businesses have not been creating jobs on the scale needed to lower the unemployment rate.  With unemployment as the world’s central and most salient problem, a top priority must be to grow small businesses and in particular, to provide appropriate support and a conducive environment for opportunity-driven entrepreneurs who want to establish a new business, whether out of necessity or because they recognise and seize the opportunity.

Small businesses are crucial for job creation and employment.

So, teaching peoples to transcribe and to establish their own home-based transcription service is a gift to the community from Way With Words Transcription.

It’s our way of driving economic growth, creating employment, and being a source of innovation and new ideas.

This particular workshop, starting a home-based transcription service, is designed to equip and prepare an attendee to offer transcription services from home, covering the business of transcription and the details about starting your own transcription service. Attendees receive individual and personalised attention. Not only do our facilitators have practical knowledge and professional experience in transcription, they are also experienced in facilitating adult learning.

Topics, helpful and practical, cover the skills and character attributes needed to be a transcriber, the required equipment, software suggestions, strategies for marketing one’s services, legal aspects to be aware of, security and confidentiality issues, rating audio, working out costs, drawing up client agreements, pitfalls and challenges to avoid, and tips for providing a superior professional service.

The question that keeps arising, however, is why?  If Way With Words Transcription is itself in the business of transcription, why offer to teach others in the community how to transcribe and start their own home-based transcription service?  Won’t we lose clients? Won’t we be undercut by smaller services with lower overhead and smaller staff who can therefore undercut in price as well?

But here’s precisely why Way With Words Transcription is eager and willing to offer this and other workshops surrounding transcription – because Way With Words Transcription isn’t small, isn’t engaged in any price wars, and isn’t looking for clients with low volumes of work.  Way With Words Transcription is targeting an entirely different market, entirely different clients, than a home-based transcription service will target.

Way With Words Transcription is global, with high end, high volume, high value clients like the Financial Times, the International Criminal Court, the Carnegie Endowment for World Peace, and we deliver high quality transcripts all over the world.  These clients don’t want or expect a price war–that’s not what’s important to them.  What is important is that transcripts get turnaround quickly: high volume, high capacity, high speed, never once compromising the high excellence of the transcript.

Because we have an exceptional capacity for volumes as compared to an individual service provider or small transcription business, training people in workshops is not training competitors; it is training co-professionals who will have small local transcription services.

We spoke briefly to two attendees of the recent workshop, who felt, like the others, that the workshop resonated with value.

What was particularly helpful about the workshop?

The theory covered was helpful not just in getting started in industry, but how to go about various aspects of working from home. It provided insights and clarity into a field that I know now I can pursue.

Has the workshop equipped you the knowledge and confidence to enter the market as a transcriber?

Yes, it highlighted challenges, opportunities, and ‘possible pitfalls’ of the industry that I was unaware of prior to attending.

Way With Words Transcription is in full agree of one attendee who said:

It would be good to have these workshops taken into the community as an extension of marketing the industry, as little is known about transcription in our communities.  This will really contribute to the well-being of our society.

Way With Words Transcription is looking to professionalize transcription, to educate the community about the service and what transcription requires, how to transcribe well, and how to earn money. Essentially, we are striving to set the gold standard in transcription globally.

And Way With Words Transcription is right now taking this gold standard into the local community, educating, teaching, empowering, sharing transcription as a way to earn an income.  In an increasingly tough job market, Way With Words Transcription is happily spreading knowledge and opportunity to those who attend their workshops and commit themselves to such an endeavor.

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