University of Georgia

William Finlay
University of Georgia, Dept of Sociology
United States of America



Briefly describe your company.

I work for the University of Georgia, in the Department of Sociology.

Why do you have audio files transcribed?

My research consists of interviews which need to be transcribed into a hard copy.

How do you use these transcripts?

I code the interviews, which then become data for research presentations and publications.

How do transcripts add value to your business?

Without the transcripts, I wouldn’t have access to the interviews and the data they represent.

Do other similar companies also get audio files transcribed?

I know that other sociologists conduct interviews that are then transcribed, yes.

Why do you use Way With Words Transcription for your transcription needs?

I wanted to use a company that had an office in Cape Town, or at least in South Africa, because many of the people I have been interviewing are in the Cape. While Way With Words has transcribers all around the world, I know they also have many excellent transcribers familiar with South African accents and place names.

How satisfied have you been with Way With Words’ transcripts over the years?

Very satisfied.