publicity heaven marketingPaul Green
Publicity Heaven
Marketing/PR company
United Kingdom



Briefly describe your company.

We’re a specialist marketing company, working in a number of sectors. We provide tools and support to help business owners grow their business.

Why do you have audio files transcribed?

It’s the fastest way to get things written. I can spend half an hour talking into my computer, then send the recording off to Way With Words Transcription. A couple of days later, the transcript is back. All I have to do then is edit my ramblings and the work is done.

How do you use these transcripts?

They are used to produce business growth manuals, new articles, and to give our clients more value, without generating huge amounts of work for us.

How do transcripts add value to your business?

They save me time. There are five of us in the business and we’re all working to full capacity. Way With Words Transcription is another member of our team, saving us time and money.

Why do you use Way With Words Transcription for your transcription needs?

The work is delivered quickly; the transcripts are accurate; and the price gives me value for money. I know when I upload a file it’s there and the work will just be done. No hassle and no worries for me.

How satisfied have you been with Way With Words’ transcripts over the years?

Extremely! You’re the only transcription company we recommend to our clients and I think that says it all!


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