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Speaker Key
AK Adam Kossowski
LB Laura Budler
RA Rosalind Ashmore
JT Jenni Townshend
MJ Mags Jackson
SH Sean Harper
SL Stephanie Lloyd
MP Miguel Pedro

AK          Way With Words Group is a professional English language transcription service. We operate globally. Our particular companies are registered in South Africa and the United Kingdom and we also have points of presence in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA.

LB           We’re a general transcription company. We do legal, financial, court transcription, police work, academic interviews, market research, production companies, anyone who needs something transcribed from an audio to a text. This is the Sales and Marketing division of Way With Words Group. We get the clients from around the world, we give them quotes, we share about our services with them, and then they come to us, upload their files. We get their job all set and then we pass their job on to Operations.

RA          We’re in Operations and we get the clients from Sales and we try and look after the clients and see that their work is done to the deadline and to the specifications that they ask for.

JT           In Operations, once the work is on our Operating Management System, we ensure that the correct transcriber gets the work, as we get accents from all around the world and some clients have very specific format instructions or detailing that they need in their documents. And we make sure it’s done.

MJ          Once the transcriber has returned the work to us, we make sure that it’s been done to the client’s specifications, then we return the work to the client, to their deadline.

AK          Way With Words Group is a little bit different to most companies in transcription. We’re an international group. We also focus not on the typist as a secretarial service, but as a professional language person, and we regard our particular persons who are recruited by us as transcribers and not typists. Also, in the world of transcription, we position ourselves in a new level of service industry.

MJ          Hi, I’m Mags. I’m Welsh.

SH          Hi, I’m Sean, from Grahamstown, South Africa.

JT           I’m from Zambia.

MP         Hi, I’m Miguel from South Africa.

LB           United States of America.

SL           South Africa.