15 minutes in Operations Management Transcription

15 Minutes in a Day with a Transcription Operations Manager




There is an urgent job that has to be set and allocated. You sink back onto your chair …


You check your emails – there is an email from a long-standing client requesting that you download a RUSH file from a link.  You know from experience that you can only download this file in Real Player on a colleague’s PC so you need to spend a few minutes there to start the download. You come back to your PC and upload the file as if you were the client.

Whilst waiting for the upload to complete, you ask four transcribers on messenger if they can share a 75 minutes file.  Three say yes – YAY!!!  You note the details on a ‘shared job’ sheet.

You open, check and send four transcripts to clients while waiting for upload.

Oops, there goes your phone; it’s a new client wanting to be added as a contact on their company’s client page. You do that whilst they are on the phone and then open an email so you can send them their Client Code, a Process Guide and a Rates Card.

Before you can complete that email, you check if the upload of RUSH job has finished.  It has – you set the job and allocate to the first transcriber, asking them to alert you when they have 30% downloaded.

You go back and send the email to the client that you have added to the client page.  You then give the Sales Manager the details on messenger so she can add them to her list of new contacts.

The first transcriber says she has the download so you allocate to the second transcriber.  You ask the first transcriber to advise you of the speaker key she will be using so that you can share the information with the other two transcribers.

Then transcriber XX sends you her bit of another shared file that is for 3pm that afternoon.  You rename and save it on your PC and note on your sheet that you have received her bit.

Transcriber XY contacts you on messenger and asks for work for Monday.  You know you have something she would be good at so you go to the allocating OMS, find the file and allocate to her.

Your second transcriber tells you her download is done, so you take it off and tell the third transcriber, over messenger, that you are putting on her OMS.

You share the speaker key info with all three transcribers over messenger.

The phone rings again, it’s for another Operations Manager, so you transfer it.  You have another email in your inbox – there is a phone recording that needs to be processed. Luckily your assistant can do that.

A client uploads a file for EOB.  You set the job, listen to, rate and time the audio file, and then set it to Early Bird, hoping an eager transcriber claims it.

A Sales Manager asks if you can convert a file that she has downloaded and listen to it and give your opinion on the sound and accents.  You start the conversion process and then quickly send an email to transcriber XZ about some South African work that he would be suitable for.

Transcriber ZZ pings you on messenger to say she cannot upload a file because the name doesn’t match.  You go to the OMS, check the file name for spaces and send her the correct name.  She still cannot upload so you tell her to send to you and you will do it for her.

Whilst doing this you were listening to the sound file for the Sales Manager and quickly pop into her office to tell her that the sound is quite poor and she needs to advise the new client.

Transcriber ZZ emails her document and you log in and upload on her OMS for her.

The day continues in this vein—this is ONLY the first 15 minutes! One thing continues after the other until you look at the clock and realise that it is 30 minutes past your going home time.  As you get up to leave, you click on the OMS one more time – oh no! There is an urgent job that has to be set and allocated.  You sink back onto your chair…





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  1. Knowing pressure and how to handle it is remarkable. Reading this sure raised some memories of my days in the emergency Utah health services. You deserve tons of good luck!

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